Expo 92 trivia

Here is a selection of random (but intriguing) facts about Seville Expo 92, complemented by pictures of the site nowadays.


  • The facade of the Mexican pavilion featured a giant concrete ‘X’ in order to remind Spanish people that ‘Mexico’ is spelled with the letter ‘x’. I believe this may quite literally be the biggest spelling lesson ever given.


  • Sources are unclear about the number of people that visited Expo 92 but figures vary from 20 million to 42 million. Still, these numbers are truly fascinating for a city with population of only 700,000. In comparison, when Osaka hosted the Expo in 1970 its population was around 3 million, while the Osaka prefecture had a population of 14,5 million people.  Milan, where Expo 2015 took place, is the home of 1.25 million people, with another 2 million living in the Province of Milan.


  • Andalusian summer may be extremely hot, but Expo 92 featured an actual iceberg. A 100-ton block of ice was the main attraction of Chile’s pavilion. It was shipped  from Chile’s Antarctic territory to Seville and then, at the end of the 6-month event, taken all the way back. Official rhetoric linked the iceberg to Chile’s natural diversity and beauty. The endevor was also supposed to gain the respect of the trade world – according to the pavilion’s director carrying an iceberg to the opposite end of the globe was a proof that Chileans could transport any goods with remarkable efficiency and could, therefore, trade with the entire world.

The Expo rocket was an exact replica of the European Space Agency’s Ariane Four, which made 113 successful launches between 1988 and 2003.


  • The expo globe served as a symbol for the event. It was equipped with nozzles that could emit a cooling micronized mist which did not fog up eyeglasses or camera lenses.


  • Kuwait’s pavilion was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and became the backdrop for Sting’s ‘When we dance’ music video.

Expect more interesting facts soon!


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