The hidden patios of Seville, photoessay

Seville’s building fabric is pierced by numerous patios. These courtyards are easy to spot on satellite photos. As a passive solution to the extreme heat, they are typical not only for palaces and public buildings but also to all residential blocks.

Screenshot (75).png
Aerial photo of Seville and its patios | Source:Google Maps

Here are some Instagram pictures of the most beautiful courtyards I encountered during my 3-month stay in Seville.

Most of Seville’s patios are characterized by stunning arcades, intricate mosaics or beautiful gardens.

One of the prettiest courtyards, in my opinion, is the one in Palacio de las Dueñas.
IMG_20170304_190610_357.jpg  IMG_20161212_011711.jpg

The courtyards of the former Cartuja monastery, now Contemporary Art Museum, are simpler, but still beautifully designed.
20161210_174412.jpg   20161210_165028.jpg

The local museum of fine arts has three magnificent patios that are well worth a visit.

IMG_20161219_215323.jpg  img_20170304_185455_007  IMG_20170304_190848_443.jpg

This oval courtyard is located in a residential building near the Cathedral. If I ever live in Seville again, this is where I would like my flat to be.
IMG_20170304_185926_421.jpg   IMG_20170304_185702_150.jpg

The courtyards of the former Royal Tobacco Factory are always busy with students as the building is now a University.
IMG_20170304_190436_768.jpg   IMG_20170304_190333_742.jpg

The proportions of the arches of Palacio Marqueses de la Algaba are different, but still very elegant. Today the building is a museum of Mudejar art.
IMG_20161221_154345_278.jpg   IMG_20161222_003230_838.jpg

The patios of Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija are famous for their beautiful floor mosaics.
IMG_20161212_182327.jpg   IMG_20161217_032325.jpg

Orange trees in one of the patios of Hospital de los Venerables (left) and a glimpse into a private courtyard near Real Alcazar (right).
IMG_20161217_032701.jpg   IMG_20170304_190949_603.jpg

Of course, the most spectacular gardens and patios can be found in Real Alcazar. My pictures, however, don’t do them justice, and I would recommend everyone to go and see these beautiful spaces with their own eyes.

Seville may have numerous beautiful courtyards, but it is actually Cordoba that is renowned for its patios. In fact, the city even has a patio contest and a patio festival. Unfortunately, when I was there most private courtyards were closed for the public so I could only catch a glimpse of one.
IMG_20170304_191035_479.jpg   IMG_20170304_191112_599.jpg

Check my Instagram page for more pictures.



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