Monday Quote

‘Architecture is a profession of an endless explanation.’

Rem Koolhaas, The Factory Panel: Spaces for Culture
Manchester, 8th July 2017, Old Granada Studios
in coversation with  Ellen van Loon and Hans Ulrich Obrist


(Thank you #MIF (Manchester International Festival) for bringing Rem Koolhaas to Manchester for not just one but two inspirational talks. Expect more quotes from him in the following weeks.)

Monday quote

‘…[in the UK] we have a planning framework that prioritises profit over placemaking and in some cases we have no planning at all.’

(watch Kate Henderson, Liane Hartley, Adele Maher, Euan Mills and Finn Williams discuss the #fundamentals of planning here)

Monday quote

‘Architecture is a language. It’s a language of words, it’s a language of light, it’s a language of temperature, it’s a language of acoustics, language of proportions, language of materials… and you can use that language to tell a story.’

Daniel Libeskind, 2017, clever interview

(listen to the full interview here)