Monday Quote

‘Architecture is monstruous in the way each choice leads to the reduction of possibility. ‘

OMA, Moma Charette manifesto, 1997


(as seen during a talk between Rem Koolhaas and Hans Ulrich Obrist – Interdependence: We Need to Talk about Community, The Stoller Hall, Manchester, 8th July 2017)


Expo curiosities

World expos are truly extravagant events. They have been compared to anything from Disneyland’, through vanity fair’ and tourist information show’ to architecture freak show’. Here is a round-up of five bizarre facts about World Fairs and five serious questions they pose to the upcoming Expo in Dubai in 2020: Continue reading “Expo curiosities”

Monday Quote

‘Architecture is a profession of an endless explanation.’

Rem Koolhaas, The Factory Panel: Spaces for Culture
Manchester, 8th July 2017, Old Granada Studios
in coversation with  Ellen van Loon and Hans Ulrich Obrist


(Thank you #MIF (Manchester International Festival) for bringing Rem Koolhaas to Manchester for not just one but two inspirational talks. Expect more quotes from him in the following weeks.)

Monday quote

‘Cities are both the source of progress and the source of division and left to their own devices they will not heal themselves’.

Richard Florida, Urbanist
Monocle, The Urbanist, Episode 290: The New Urban Crisis [15:50]
4 May 2017

(While I most certainly agree with the first part of this statement, the second bit makes me wonder: What happened to organic cities? Aren’t most urban planners inspired by old cities? Don’t they try to artificially mimic organic development today? And if so, is it so unthinkable to just let cities heal themselves… organically?)

Happy 25th anniversary, Seville Expo ’92

On this day 25 years ago Seville welcomed the world for Expo 1992. Happy anniversary!

The Andalusian capital will mark the occasion with a series of events. King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia will pay a visit to the city to give an official start to the festivities.

The two royals attended the original opening 25 years ago. 112 countries were represented at the event on the island of La Cartuja between April and October 1992. The national pavilions were supposed to be temporary, scheduled for demolition shortly after the event. However, most structures were never taken down. Today some of them are abandoned, while others accommodate tech and science companies.

Big City Little Monkey will mark the occasion with some pictures from the beautifully decaying site of Expo ’92.

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