Monday quote

‘…[in the UK] we have a planning framework that prioritises profit over placemaking and in some cases we have no planning at all.’

(watch Kate Henderson, Liane Hartley, Adele Maher, Euan Mills and Finn Williams discuss the #fundamentals of planning here)

Monday quote

‘Architecture is a language. It’s a language of words, it’s a language of light, it’s a language of temperature, it’s a language of acoustics, language of proportions, language of materials… and you can use that language to tell a story.’

Daniel Libeskind, 2017, clever interview

(listen to the full interview here)


There once lived a girl called Namai who had an unusual dream – to become homeless. She had a polka-dot dress on a blue hanger and a polka-dot house on the 7th Sky. All people in the Sky Kingdom were living happily ever after in their smart and pretty homes levitating in tall skies. Enchanted ladders lured them up and no one ever wanted to return. But Namai was different, she knew her house’s mischievous ways. Continue reading “Homesick”

The hidden patios of Seville, photoessay

Seville’s building fabric is pierced by numerous patios. These courtyards are easy to spot on satellite photos. As a passive solution to the extreme heat, they are typical not only for palaces and public buildings but also to all residential blocks.

Screenshot (75).png
Aerial photo of Seville and its patios | Source:Google Maps

Here are some Instagram pictures of the most beautiful courtyards I encountered during my 3-month stay in Seville.

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Expo curiosities

World expos are truly extravagant events. They have been compared to anything from Disneyland’, through vanity fair’ and tourist information show’ to architecture freak show’. Here is a round-up of five bizarre facts about World Fairs and five serious questions they pose to the upcoming Expo in Dubai in 2020: Continue reading “Expo curiosities”