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Colourful cities on Instagram

I recently followed Ramin Nasibov on Instagram and his profile quickly became my new favourite architecture photo feed. It is beautifully vibrant and brings a lot of colour to my day. You can check out his profile here.

Ramin Nasibov currently has over 200k followers and has been featured in a Guardian article. He finds and highlights pockets of colour in our grey cities, thus providing a refreshingly vibrant outlook on everyday architecture.

The pictures are simple, symmetrical and colourful. There are rarely perspective shots, with most photographs showing elevation views of buildings or building elements. Colours are enhanced (I think) and lines are straightened, but these are common practices. Looking for inspiration  for my own Instagram feed, I tried to understand what made Nasibov’s pictures stand out. I realised the sky on all of them was in a consistent shade of blue without any gradient that in combination with the other bright colours made the images look less realistic and somewhat abstract. Of course, what makes the pictures truly stand out is talent and vision.

I like cloudy skies and sunsets too much and would not follow Nasibov’s strategy in my new Instagram profile which you can check out here. Follow Coconut’s journey in Spain.