Expo curiosities

World expos are truly extravagant events. They have been compared to anything from Disneyland’, through vanity fair’ and tourist information show’ to architecture freak show’. Here is a round-up of five bizarre facts about World Fairs and five serious questions they pose to the upcoming Expo in Dubai in 2020: Continue reading “Expo curiosities”


The future, 25 years ago

Space rockets, tons of concrete and glass, trains in the air, a united Europe and religious tolerance – that’s what the future looked like (almost) 25 years ago. Today one may wonder whether the organisers and participants of Seville Expo 92 simply got it all wrong or their vision was just set further ahead in time. Continue reading “The future, 25 years ago”

Adios Sevilla, it has been a pleasure

It is time for me to say goodbye to this amazing city. It has been an absolute pleasure and I hope to return sometime soon.

Above is a selection of photos from Seville. Most of them have been taken at the Expo ’92 site. While the historic areas of the city are amazingly beautiful, the neglected Expo site became an obsession of mine over the last 3 months. I intend to do more research into Expo sites around the world soon.

A – Italian Pavillion, Expo ’92
D – Torre Triana, Expo ’92
I  – Sevilla Tower
O – View form Italian Pavillion towards Sevilla Tower, Expo ’92
S – Logo of Sevilla

PS: I will keep on posting about Seville as there is so much more to say about this exciting and beautiful city. Expect some city guides and tips as well.

Expo 92, Then & Now

The Expo 92 site is a truly fascinating place (that’s why it was the subject of my first ever blog post) but it gets even better once you see pictures of what it was like during the event itself. Some of these pictures still look futuristic!

Photographs can say more than words sometimes, therefore I decided to do my own Then & Now photo collection of the Expo 92 site. Here it is:


Palm Avenue and Monorail [1]
Pavilion of the future [2]
Pavilion of the Future [3]
The Pavilion of the Future Auditorium [4]
The expo globe used to spray visitors with cooling mist [5]
Swiss pavilion and Palm Avenue [6]
The Avenue of Europe featuring the flags of the 12 founding members of the EU [7]
The large canopy of the French Pavilion [8]
Unfortunately, the best old pictures I could find are aerial ones that I can’t currently reproduce from the same viewpoints. One can still see the difference though.

Former Lake of Spain and Spanish Pavilion [9]
Waterway of Discoveries and the Rocket [10]
I will keep updating this Then & Now gallery (Last updated: 02.11.2016).

Image sources:

All Now images belong to the author. Then images from:
[Featured image] found on Pinterest, pinned by Lucia Fernandez

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