Monday Quote

‘Architecture is a profession of an endless explanation.’

Rem Koolhaas, The Factory Panel: Spaces for Culture
Manchester, 8th July 2017, Old Granada Studios
in coversation with  Ellen van Loon and Hans Ulrich Obrist


(Thank you #MIF (Manchester International Festival) for bringing Rem Koolhaas to Manchester for not just one but two inspirational talks. Expect more quotes from him in the following weeks.)

Monday quote

‘The North is more than just a direction, it is an identity… Architects in the North are operating in a different context to other parts of the country.’

Suzy Jones, Director of RIBA North
Monocle Section D, Episode 297: New frontiers of design [05:40]
20 June 2017

Are architects spoilt for choice?

In a recent RIBA publication named 21 things you won’t learn in architecture school Adrian Dobson claims that architects have so many ‘options for personal growth and career development’ that they are ‘spoilt for choice’[1]. An article published last week on ArchDaily supports that idea by listing a number of careers (21 to be exact) architectural graduates can pursue once they graduate [2].

The topic of the expanded role of the architect is close to my heart as I based my final year Master’s dissertation on it. Therefore, I was interested to read ArchDaily’s article and compare its conclusions to the ones I outlined in my work 6 months ago.

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