Expo curiosities

World expos are truly extravagant events. They have been compared to anything from Disneyland’, through vanity fair’ and tourist information show’ to architecture freak show’. Here is a round-up of five bizarre facts about World Fairs and five serious questions they pose to the upcoming Expo in Dubai in 2020: Continue reading “Expo curiosities”


5 common misconceptions about Garden Cities

Yesterday UK’s housing and planning minister Gavin Barwell announced that £7.4 million will be invested to support the delivery of new homes and settlements including 14 ‘garden villages’ and 3 ‘garden towns’. This, of course, prompted the Garden City debate once again.

I researched this subject extensively 2 years ago when the 100-year-old idea re-surfaced due to the Wolfson Economics Prize competition. Yesterday’s news got me obsessing about Garden Cities again so I decided to outline the common misconceptions about Ebenezer Howard’s model that I observe every single time the topic re-emerges.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Coconut and I hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as we are. Christmas.jpg

These are our favourite buildings of 2016? What are yours?

From the bottom up:

  1. CHANEL store, Amsterdam, MDRDV (simply love the glass bricks merging with the original brickwork)
  2. Tate Modern Switch House, London, Herzog & de Meuron (great exterior, mediocre interior)
  3. Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Herzog & de Meuron (those guys design the coolest extensions)
  4. European Hansemuseum, Lübeck, Studio Andreas Heller Architects & Designers (beautiful brickwork)
  5. Port House, Antwerp, Zaha Hadid Architects (I am still not sure whether I love this one or hate it – it definitely does not leave one indifferent)

To sum up – I love bricks and think Herzog & de Meuron are brilliant!