Adios Sevilla, it has been a pleasure

It is time for me to say goodbye to this amazing city. It has been an absolute pleasure and I hope to return sometime soon.

Above is a selection of photos from Seville. Most of them have been taken at the Expo ’92 site. While the historic areas of the city are amazingly beautiful, the neglected Expo site became an obsession of mine over the last 3 months. I intend to do more research into Expo sites around the world soon.

A – Italian Pavillion, Expo ’92
D – Torre Triana, Expo ’92
I  – Sevilla Tower
O – View form Italian Pavillion towards Sevilla Tower, Expo ’92
S – Logo of Sevilla

PS: I will keep on posting about Seville as there is so much more to say about this exciting and beautiful city. Expect some city guides and tips as well.


Making streets look scary not just on Halloween

Here is an interesting Halloween-themed article on urban planning:

CURBED reports that cities such as New York and Pittsburgh spend millions on campaigns aiming to decrease traffic fatalities by making people ‘afraid of the dark‘ instead of investing in better road infrastructure, better street lighting or targeting dangerous drivers. Is it more effective to advise people to stay safe through posters and flyers than to actually make them safe? What is your opinion?

I am afraid of the dark, but only because it is Halloween tonight. Have a spooky one!