Monday quote

‘…I practice architecture almost as a language in itself, as creating a narrative with objects and spaces.’

Jing Liu, 2017, Architectural Review interview

(I can totally identify with this woman. Watch this short but insightful interview on the AR website)


Have you met the wife of the architect?

Just as another two surveys report on gender inequality in architecture (read about the persistent gender pay gap in Australia and the UK), an essay by Denise Scott Brown published 27 years ago seems quite relevant and topical.


Room at the Top? Sexism and the Star System in Architecture” offers an exciting insight into the life and work of a female architect married to ‘an architectural guru’ (Robert Venturi). The essay is written two years prior to Venturi receiving the Pritzker Prize – an award that caused controversy a decade later for not acknowledging Scott Brown’s role and contribution. The engaging story, republished by MAS Context with permission from the Architectural Association, discusses the topics gender discrimination, recognition and individualism vs. collaboration in the context of the architectural profession, but has implications in other fields as well. Read the full essay here.

Image by Lynn Gilbert found in Wikimedia Commons.