I’m a twenty-something Architect-to-be, who often prefers writing about architecture to actually designing it. BCLM is a scrapbook of sorts, and a good excuse to combine my love for writing with my field of study. For me Architecture is much more than just Buildings, so here I will write about events, trips, cities, streets, the profession and everything else I care about and derive inspiration from. Some posts will be a product of active research and exploration while others will share daily observations, random thoughts or interesting encounters.

I am currently living in Sevilla but have been moving a lot lately. I claim Plovdiv, Bulgaria as home, even though I’ve not been living there for more than 6 years now.

I feel most inspired when traveling and instead of magnets I collect shot glasses from my trips (I love shots as well). I will soon share photos of my big collection, currently located in a storage box somewhere in Manchester.

Now you know me a little better.