Monday quote

‘…I practice architecture almost as a language in itself, as creating a narrative with objects and spaces.’

Jing Liu, 2017, Architectural Review interview

(I can totally identify with this woman. Watch this short but insightful interview on the AR website)


Monday quote

‘Architecture is a language. It’s a language of words, it’s a language of light, it’s a language of temperature, it’s a language of acoustics, language of proportions, language of materials… and you can use that language to tell a story.’

Daniel Libeskind, 2017, clever interview

(listen to the full interview here)


There once lived a girl called Namai who had an unusual dream – to become homeless. She had a polka-dot dress on a blue hanger and a polka-dot house on the 7th Sky. All people in the Sky Kingdom were living happily ever after in their smart and pretty homes levitating in tall skies. Enchanted ladders lured them up and no one ever wanted to return. But Namai was different, she knew her house’s mischievous ways. Continue reading “Homesick”

Monday quote

‘If narrative tells a story in time, architecture builds a story in space. In both cases, something is constructed, whether in the physical or the mental space, and that something becomes inhabited with memories and experiences.’

Blank Space, 2016

(Working on my entry to the 2017 Fairytales competition, I find motivation and inspiration in these words by its organizers.)

Fairytales 2017

I am very excited to finally start working on my Fairytales 2017 entry (Coconut is helping me as well)! During the past few days I read some of last year’s stories and now I can’t wait to write my own architectural fairytale. My all-time favourite Fairytales entries are Welcome to the 5th Facade by Olson Kundig and Dimensional Drama by Karin Gunnerek and Emma Axberg. I strongly recommend reading them if you haven’t already done so.


I wanted to take part in the competition last year but was too busy with a funded research project in Japan (that I promise to discuss on this blog soon). Due to the competition rules I can’t share much about my story before the results come out in February but I will just say the working title is ‘Home sick‘.